August 28, 2006


Neil, Cole, and Haley with their passports! We are ready to go!

August 26, 2006


We received the copy of our dossier today! One step closer!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you sweet girl...what a long wait...someday soon you will be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missing you ...mommy loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 25, 2006

Sweet girl!!!!


FINALLY!!!!!! Today we are DTC(dossier to China)!!!!! I've hoped for this day for so the wait really day closer to my sweet girl!!!!!!!

August 23, 2006


Grace has ALL of our dossier paperwork! Everything is ready to go to China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God! We are a BIG step closer to our sweet girl! Haley thought we were getting sissy today! I wish...

August 21, 2006

Good news!

Grace received our Dossier today! The I171H and home study should be here soon! I'm so glad that Grace has the dossier! What a great way to start the week! I feel like I can breathe again. Hopefully the dossier will go to China this Friday! We love you baby girl!

We went to the circus yesterday! What fun! Thank you Daddy!

August 18, 2006


We received word yesterday that ALL of our Dossier is at the Chinese Embassy in D.C. ! This is wonderful news as it brings us closer to Sydney. Still trying to accept that there was a reason for the HUGE delay in processing. Hopefully we will have DTC(Dossier to China) next week.

August 17, 2006

Still waiting.........

We have been told by our agency that the bulk of our Dossier is at the chinese Embassy! Now we are waiting for the I171H and homestudy to make their way there! What a frustrating few weeks it's been. We should have had our Dossier to China already....... Sydney, we are trying. We LOVE you SO much...................

August 15, 2006


After a record approval time from USCIS now we wait. Our Dossier is STUCK at the US State Dept. Praying for patience and a FAST turn around. Our Dossier should have been in China already. Very dissappointing.....................