February 27, 2007

Just saying hello...

Cute girl!
Cute sisters!
Not much to say, just wanted to add some pictures.

February 14, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Birthday girl!
Aunt Iva!

Clifford cake courtesy of Daddy!



Sydney had a wonderful birthday! She knew what to expect since Cole and Haley had birthdays in January. She LOVES Clifford, so Daddy made this great cake! She LOVED it!

February 7, 2007

Pretty Girls!

Cinderella And Tinkerbell came for a visit today! The girls had such a great time playing dress up! How fun to have a sister! We also had Spiderman and Jack Sparrow but they missed the photo shoot!

February 5, 2007

Sydney's baby!

Sydney and Baby!

Sydney just LOVES babies! Babies of all kinds - babies, babies, babies! This is her favorite!
For those of you that don't know already, Here's an update on Sydney's diagnosis. She does NOT have a cavernous hemangioma as we previously thought. But instead she has a disease called Neurofibromatosis (NF1). The place on her back is actually called a plexiform neurofibroma. There is no cure for this disease, it is something that she will always have. We have recently found out that the MRIs and CT scans from China show involvement from this tumor to her heart, lung, and trachea. Obviously we are shaken and disappointed by this news. We just wanted to bring her home and make everything better. We are praying for miracles. So for now we will get new MRIs and CT scans. There is a big risk for Sydney to be sedated with all of this involvement. We met with Anesthesia today and were VERY pleased! We have a GREAT team caring for Sydney! Sydney will have an MRI and CT scan in the coming weeks, we should have an appt. in the next few days.
Most of all we have SO MANY people praying for her. We have discovered that we have been truly blessed with great friends (you know who you are!). What a blessing! Please keep praying for our sweet, sweet girl. To those of you that have called to check on Sydney, THANK YOU! To those of you that have sent cards, THANK YOU! I realize that people don't know what to say in situations like this but cards or calls are SO VERY appreciated. So again, thank you. Keep praying....

February 3, 2007

Snow day!

Aside from the few flurries we've had this was Sydney's 1st real snow! Truly a 1st since Sydney is from Southern China. She had a great time! Please continue to keep Sydney in your prayers as we need them now more than ever.

Snow babies!