March 25, 2009


The appts. went better than we were expecting. Sydney does need surgery but because of her small size the surgeon would rather wait at least a while. First she will need to have the exterior portion of her tumor removed as it would be difficult to get around for her spinal surgery. This will not be a light undertaking as these tumors typically are very vascular meaning that very likely she will have a lot of bleeding. Secondly she will need to have her chest wall repaired( the CT surgeon would rather not do this until she turns 6). Currently Sydney's spinal curvature is 71 degrees. The ortho dr. would like to repeat her xray in 6 months. If the curvature reaches 80 degrees then she MUST have surgery REGARDLESS of the other 2 factors.

Again, we are praying for healing for Sydney. We are praying that her curvature will remain below 80 degrees giving her some time to have the other surgeries addressed.

Thank you so much for your prayers and comments.


March 23, 2009

Please PRAY

The dreaded appt. is finally here. Tomorrow Sydney will have her pulmonary function tests, pulmonary follow up, and the consult with the ortho surgeon. Tomorrow night she will have her sleep study. The appt. with Ortho is at 3:15. I DREAD it SO BAD. I've been praying and praying. Please pray for everyone invloved tomorrow. Ultimately I pray for Sydney's healing. I'm also praying that what the surgeon recommends is God's will.


March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures even though they're over a month overdue....




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