August 31, 2011

This Morning's Meditation

C. H. Spurgeon

"On mine arm shall they trust."—Isaiah 51:5.
N seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust to, and is therefore compelled to cast himself on his God alone. When his vessel is on its beam-ends, and no human deliverance can avail, he must simply and entirely trust himself to the providence and care of God. Happy storm that wrecks a man on such a rock as this! O blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God and God alone! There is no getting at our God sometimes because of the multitude of our friends; but when a man is so poor, so friendless, so helpless that he has nowhere else to turn, he flies into his Father's arms, and is blessedly clasped therein! When he is burdened with troubles so pressing and so peculiar, that he cannot tell them to any but his God, he may be thankful for them; for he will learn more of his Lord then than at any other time. Oh, tempest-tossed believer, it is a happy trouble that drives thee to thy Father! Now that thou hast only thy God to trust to, see that thou puttest thy full confidence in Him. Dishonour not thy Lord and Master by unworthy doubts and fears; but be strong in faith, giving glory to God. Show the world that thy God is worth ten thousand worlds to thee. Show rich men how rich thou art in thy poverty when the Lord God is thy helper. Show the strong man how strong thou art in thy weakness when underneath thee are the everlasting arms. Now is the time for feats of faith and valiant exploits. Be strong and very courageous, and the Lord thy God shall certainly, as surely as He built the heavens and the earth, glorify Himself in thy weakness, and magnify his might in the midst of thy distress. The grandeur of the arch of heaven would be spoiled if the sky were supported by a single visible column, and your faith would lose its glory if it rested on anything discernible by the carnal eye. May the Holy Spirit give you to rest in Jesus this closing day of the month.

August 30, 2011

Halo update.....

Sydney will be fitted for a Halo vest. She will keep the halo for 3-6months. She seems okay with that, she just wants to sit up..... We are watching Aristocats and just sharing some laughs. God is good.....Daddy is here! Pastor Matt came for a visit today and that was a lovely surprise! He came bearing gifts too! Thanks so much! And thanks to everyone for the lovely cards. Sydney also got some new "pet shops" today - thank you! Yesterday was also a day of gifts and cards! She also got to talk to Poppy and Neil today! I just can't begin to thank everyone enough. It's good to be loved - indeed! God has blessed us beyond measure. Continue to lift Sydney up in prayer, prayer for her surgeons, nurses, and the entire team that will be caring for her throughout her surgery. May they all feel God's presence during this time. Sydney continues to amaze everyone......the grace of God.
Thank you lord for this precious little girl, you've allowed her to overcome so many things in her life and you continue to do so. We give you praise for her and the miracle that she IS.

Remember, God IS in control.......pray for his hand to guide every hand that touches her. to Him be the glory!

Thankful for Christ,

Another Praise!

Sydney's turning this morning well - actually the best one yet - she didn't even cry! Thank you Lord! Today seems to be a busy day as SO many people are preparing for surgery tomorrow. Today's day of fasting and prayer is the most important prep! So many mercies seem to come our way and we are so very thankful for each one. Remember, God IS in control. He IS the Great I AM.

Thankful for Christ,

Praise God!

Tonight's turning for the most part was uneventful! That being said, Sydney stills gets  somewhat emotional during and after the turns. She seems fine now and is ready for night-night. Please continue to pray for these turnings. She gets turned about every 8hrs. She'll be due again around 8am. In case you haven't heard, today is a day of prayer and fasting for Sydney in light of her surgery tomorrow.

Thankful for Christ,

August 29, 2011


will be on longer than we expected - Syd's surgeon said it would be on at least 48hrs. post-op, maybe longer. Sydney really had her heart set on getting it removed Wednesday(everyone did), she was very tearful when she found out. But Dad and the kids got here just in time and really took her mind off things. Dad was here for the afternoon turning, having him here for that is always a blessing. Overall her turn went well but still traumatic for her. Sydney had A LOT of mail today! Thanks to everyone that has sent a card or gift. Sydney was so excited to open her things today! Please continue to lift her up in prayer, specifically for her surgery on Wednesday(9:00) and in the meantime that her turnings will go as smooth as possible.

In Christ,


To those of you that have left comments! Sydney really enjoys them - they make her smile! Thanks again! Last night's flip was tough but this morning's went well - thank God! Sydney is watching PBS kids and has finished her 1st Pediasure of the day. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. God is good..........

Thankful for Christ,

The Bible

Let the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible, be the rule of our faith and practice. Holding this principle, we travel upon the king’s highway. The road may sometimes seem narrow, and our faith may be severely tried, but we shall not be allowed greatly to err. Departing from this principle we enter on a pathless wilderness. There is no telling what we may be led to believe or do. Forever let us bear this in mind. Here let us cast anchor. Here let us abide.

August 28, 2011


to be turned.....watching  Toy  Story 3. Considering that Syd is in Halo traction, she's doing exceptionally well! If you don't know what Halo is - Sydney has a large "halo" literally screwed into her head, she has pins (rods) inserted through her knees. Along with that she has weights on each end of her bed. She can not sit up. She is completely flat. She must be turned every 8 hours that means the entire bed is turned. They make a "sandwich" out of Sydney and then "flip" the beds. When I say that she is doing well, I really mean it. God has been gracious to see her through this difficult time. We are blessed indeed. Please leave some encouraging was so good to sit and read through a few comments, it was really nice for her to hear. Thank you....And for those that have sent gifts and cards, thank you!

Thankful for Christ,

August 27, 2011


"One of God's gifts to us in suffering is that we see and experience depths of his Word that a life of ease would never yield."

John Piper
Desiring God


after a day of visiting! Dad brought the kids to spend the day! Granddad and Granny also stopped by for a visit. Syd had an easier time with her turnings today which is a blessing! Thank God.Please continue to lift Sydney up in prayer. It's really a miracle to see how well she has responded to this "treatment". Only by the grace of God! Speaking of grace - God sends it my way just when I need it the most - thank you Lord......

In Christ,

August 26, 2011

A blessed day!

Sydney has had a good day! We were all together again! What a blessing! Daddy,Mommy,Neil,Cole,Haley,Sydney,Lainey Beth, and Noah! We were all packed in the hospital room wih Poppy, JC, and Irene and it was wonderful! It was SO good to be with the rest of the kids and I know Sydney was glad to have them too!She's been eating(drinking) more today, Pediasure and milkshakes. Her attitude continues to be phenomenal and her pain minimal.Please continue to lift her up in prayer. If you're reading this post, please leave a comment for Sydney, I'm sure she would enjoy some encouraging words.

Love and prayers.........

Thankful for Christ,

August 25, 2011

Praise God!

I'm just now getting around to an update but I know that Dad has kept you posted a bit. Sydney is AMAZING! Just another way that God has blessed us. Please know however this is NOT to be taken lightly. Sydney is in traction - her halo is weighted as well as her legs. She is and will be immobile until after her surgery. She is tolerating this beautifully. And we are so very thankful to God. A BIG thank you to mine Shana for Sydney's day of prayer! What a blessing. A new prayer request to add along with Sydney, a little boy named Caleb(13 mo. old), he and his mommy were in an accident, she's been told that he will be paralyzed. Please lift them up in prayer along with Sydney.

With love and gratitude.......

Thankful for Christ,

August 23, 2011

Paul told the Philippians that living worthy of the gospel of Christ meant fearlessness before enemies.
Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ . . . not frightened in anything by your opponents (Philippians 1:27-28).
Then he gave the logic of fearlessness.
For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake (Philippians 1:29).
The logic is this:
God has given you two gifts, not just one: Faith and suffering. That’s what verse 29 says.
In this context that means: Both your faith in the face of suffering, and your suffering are gifts of God. When Paul says, don’t be frightened by your opponents he had two reasons in his mind why they don’t need to be frightened:
  1. One reason is that the opponents are in the hand of God. Their opposition is a gift from God. He governs it. That’s the first point of verse 29.
  2. And the other reason not to be afraid is that your fearlessness, that is, your faith, is also in the hand of God. It too is a gift. That is the other point of verse 29.
So the logic of fearlessness in the face of adversity is this double truth: Both your adversity and your faith in the face of adversity are gifts of God.
Why is this called “living worthy of the gospel of Christ” (v. 27)? Because the gospel is the good news that Christ’s blood of the covenant infallibly obtained for all his people the sovereign working of God to give us faith and to govern our enemies — always for our eternal good.
Therefore, fear not. Your adversaries can do no more than God grants. And he will grant you the faith you need. These promises are blood bought and sealed. Gospel promises.

John Piper
Desiring God

August 22, 2011

"do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:6-7 ESV


they were unable to get Syd on the OR schedule for tomorrow, she'll have surgery Wed. the 24th.......

A praise.......

Yes - I am posting this as a praise. A praise to God for what He is doing. After Sydney was tapered off of her steroids we noticed considerable changes in her right side. Especially today.  Today I wondered if she would  be able to make it until the 31st. Of course God already knew what was going on. The nurse called to let us know that Sydney will have surgery tomorrow ~ 12:30 for HALO traction.  After reviewing her CT scan, her surgeons would like for her to have traction about 7 days prior to surgery. This will require a hospital stay. She will stay until after her back surgery and recovery. God is good, He is in control, He is God. Please continue to lift Sydney up in prayer. May we always be mindful to place our sufferings at the foot of the cross. As we look up  we'll find that our temporal sufferings and burdens on this earth pale in comparison. I am thankful for my Savior today.........
"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me"
Phil. 4:13

In Christ,

August 19, 2011

Grace is provided...

And they gave to him wine mingled with myrrh to drink: but he refused it. {Mark 15:23}
A golden truth is couched in the fact that the Saviour put the myrrhed wine cup from his lips. On the heights of heaven the Son of God stood of old, and as he looked down upon our globe he measured the long descent to the utmost depths of human misery; he added up the sum total of all the agonies which expiation would require, and did not abate a jot. He solemnly determined that to offer a sufficient atoning sacrifice he must go the whole way, from the highest to the lowest, from the throne of highest glory to the cross of deepest woe. This myrrhed cup, with its stupefying influence, would have kept him from the utmost limit of misery, therefore he refused it. He would not stop short of all he had undertaken to suffer for his people. Ah, how many of us have pined after reliefs from our grief which would have been injurious to us! Reader, did you never pray for a discharge from hard service or suffering with a petulant and wilful eagerness? Providence has taken from you the desire of your eyes with a stroke. Say, Christian, if it had been said, “If you so desire it, that loved one of yours shall live, but God will be  dishonoured,” could you have put away the temptation, and said, “Your will be done?” Oh, it is sweet to be able to say, “My Lord, if for other reasons I need not suffer, yet if I can honour you more by suffering, and if the loss of my earthly all will bring you glory, then so let it be. I refuse the comfort, if it stands in the way of your honour.” Oh, that we thus walked more in the footsteps of our Lord, cheerfully enduring trial for his sake, promptly and willingly putting away the thought of self and comfort when it would interfere with our finishing the work which he has given us to do. Great grace is needed, but great grace is provided.

C.H. Spurgeon
Morning and Evening


to live out our faith....

Sydney has been scheduled for surgery August 31st.Her sleep study and pulmonary appts. have indeed been moved up - August 29th for both. Next week she will have her pre-op physical. She's excited about her surgery - she's ready to walk again:) She really misses riding her bike too. The next few weeks will be very busy as we prepare for surgery and recovery. But today her very best friend in the whole world is coming to see her, and she's very excited about that! And we are very thankful for the love God has shown us through His people. God IS good and He IS in control. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Thankful for Christ,

August 18, 2011

just a few updates....

Syd will have a CT scan today. She's also been scheduled for a sleep study, PFTs and pulmonary exam Sept. 25th but  that will probably be moved up, I doubt that they'll want to wait that long. On a bright note we started school the 15th!  1st grade for Sydney! So far so good:) Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Thanks and blessings.....

Thankful for Christ,

August 12, 2011

updates, praise, and prayers.....

"A rock and a hard place" - that's where Sydney's doctors have found themselves. The progression of spinal curvature along with the massive tumor involvement has really left them no other choice than surgery at this point. Ultimately however it was up to us to decide and after much prayer we were in agreement with their plan of treatment. We truly felt at peace about that decision yesterday. We know that she is in God's hands and He has blessed us with wonderful and skilled surgeons to care for her. But all of that being said, this is not a surgery to be taken lightly. This is not a surgery to cure Sydney. This is not a surgery to remove tumors. This is a surgery that will hopefully halt further progression of curvature (for now) and  hopefully she will regain more use of her right side after recovery. The massive tumor involvement along with her pectus make this a risky surgery. Please continue to pray for Sydney, for us, and her doctors. She will be scheduled in the next few weeks. We continue to thank and praise God for all that HE has already done and will do. Our plans can NEVER compare to His. To Him be the glory......

With love and prayers.......

Thankful for Christ!