September 20, 2006


Today we received an update on Sydney!!!!!! I was so excited!!!! She is 35" tall and weighs 22#s. I'm not sure how accurate these are but it seems she's tall and slender for her age! She enjoys playing with dolls, playing in the park, singing, and dancing! I hope to get new pictures soon...

What a busy week we've had! Today we submitted our visa applications and our travel prep form to Brian at AHH! It was so hard to let go of our passports-I really don't like to part with originals!!!!! I had to email Grace for a "Grace fix"! She later emailed to let me know that everything had arrived in the office safely!

We've been shopping a lot the past few weeks-trying to get everything ready for our trip! The girls have matching outfits-they are SO cute-I can't wait to see them together!

Hopefully the next time I post I will have pictures.

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