March 29, 2007

Thank you!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has and continues to pray for Sydney. Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you that have taken the time to call, write, or send an email. It REALLY means so much! Sydney is such a sweet heart just like the rest of our kids and she was given to us by God, just like the others! I really hope that people can see that adoption is so much more than a piece of paper. It's so much more than doing something good. Sydney is our little girl as she was meant to be. It's funny and also sad how responses are so different when you "have" a baby. So thanks again!

Hope you enjoy the pictures! We are glad that Spring is here!

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Adoptivemomma said...

You are so so right! Adoption is so much more. That child is yours now! Enjoy her. I know we couldn't love Chastin and Jayden any more!

Kids look so cute! It has been a while I have seen them!

Love you guys