September 19, 2008


We celebrated this year's Moon Festival by making our own mooncakes! They turned out surpisingly well considering this was our 1st batch. Next year we might have to splurge on a nice mold.

soaking the beans

making the dough


the moon princess!
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LucisMomma said...

Sydney looks beautiful in the school pictures! ( I loved the other kids on your other blog, too) :)

So, did you like the moon cakes? We've had the real thing and really didn't like them. Did the powdered sugar help?

Praying for your princess.

Chad and Sandy said...
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Chad and Sandy said...

Oops - in trying to correct a typo I deleted my own comment. Anyway, Thanks!

We really liked the mooncakes but oddly enough, Sydney liked them least of all. Go figure...

Thanks for the continued prayers!


Adam and Cynthia said...

She is just beautiful! Wow, homemade mooncakes! You go girl!