December 12, 2008

Another year...

I can't believe how fast things really happen - today is our 2 year "gotcha" day for Sydney! I find myself reliving every moment spent in China at this time of year. It seems so long ago and at the same time just like yesterday ( I get the feeling that I typed the same thing last year).

Today we had the most beautiful snow! Sydney thinks it's pretty but she wants no part of being in the cold - NONE! So the other kids played and we made snow cream and hot chocolate! Dad fixed chinese food for supper and then we had cake and ice cream! I think she really enjoyed her special day, we sure did!



Lindsey's mom said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! I pray for Sydney's continued good health and fun for all of you!! Happy Holidays

The Hamm Crew said...

Aren't these days so special and momentum. Something not everyone get's to truly celebrate and appreciate.

You guys are so wonderful for her and vice versa. I'd love to get to see everyone.

Keri said...

I understand exactly what you. Your snow pictures are lovely. Claire loves snow. She got to play in quite a bit at my sister's house in Michigan. Sydney is like me. I like to stay warm!
Happy 2 years home Sydney!


Jill said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Still praying for you all! Enjoy your holidays together!
Hugs, Jill