January 24, 2009

Sydney's MRI

Sydney's 6 month MRI is this Monday, January 26th (Chinese New Year of all days). Please pray that she does well with her anesthesia and obviously and most importantly that there have been no significant changes. She continues to do well which is a MIRACLE - Praise God!

She also has follow up appointments with both oncology and genetics. We have yet to hear anything about the possibility of repairing her chest wall.

Needless to say it will be a very tiring and stressful day. Please pray for us to be strong and have the faith we need.

If your just finding us, check here for a bit of info on Syd's diagnosis.



Brent Riggs said...

Hi, this is Brent, Abby’s Dad (riggsfamilyblog.com)

Your blog badge is on other sites, but there are no links back to your blog. I've written the HTML code you need to put in to your Blogger widget to fix yours on your site….

Look at our site for a sample of how it works… look at Abby’s badge…

Just trying to help; noticed it when we were on our blog tonight… I’m a web developer…

Email me directly, and I'll send you the code...


Brent Riggs said...


Mom Of Many said...

Praying! I will post soon about fasting for her. I am sorry that my life took an unexpected turn and I have been unable to do it yet...but God knows and He is always faithful!
Much love, Linn

Keri said...

Praying for sweet Sydney.