March 25, 2009


The appts. went better than we were expecting. Sydney does need surgery but because of her small size the surgeon would rather wait at least a while. First she will need to have the exterior portion of her tumor removed as it would be difficult to get around for her spinal surgery. This will not be a light undertaking as these tumors typically are very vascular meaning that very likely she will have a lot of bleeding. Secondly she will need to have her chest wall repaired( the CT surgeon would rather not do this until she turns 6). Currently Sydney's spinal curvature is 71 degrees. The ortho dr. would like to repeat her xray in 6 months. If the curvature reaches 80 degrees then she MUST have surgery REGARDLESS of the other 2 factors.

Again, we are praying for healing for Sydney. We are praying that her curvature will remain below 80 degrees giving her some time to have the other surgeries addressed.

Thank you so much for your prayers and comments.



Wife of the Pres. said...

This sounds tough but it is a good thing right? That they can and want to operate, right? OK, I am so excited … well you know what I mean. Not at all excited that sweet Sydney has to go through this but at the same time, excited that the news was that there are things that can be done. Of course, we will continue to pray alongside you for her healing. He can do that "in any way He chooses"--that is a direct quote from our pastor and I have remembered that! At the time our pastor said it, I was having some serious doubting going on in my mind. Hope you are well and enjoying all your sweet blessings!

Mommy said...

I will continue to pray for her complete healing and for all of her family.

Keri said...

Praying for Sydney.


Cynthia said...

We will definitely continue all our prayers for Miss Sydney!

Love you all!

Call when you get a chance!

LucisMomma said...

Still praying for Lovely Sydney. The news sounds promising. Praying for Sydney to grow strong and for what is ahead for her and you all, too.

Cindy said...

I don't know you but I found your blog and your daughter is so beautiful. I will pray for her and I also asked a friend of mine who does healing work and can do it from afar here in Cincinnati to do healing on her. She does pray for lots of people and does healing and has helped people.

God BLess you and Your daughter.

cindy and sofia in cincinnati