December 1, 2011

Another praise!

The leg brace is off! Real shoes again! Pretty exciting stuff....Praise God!

In Christ,


JC said...

coloHey there Sydney I am so thankful that you no longer have a leg brace. One more article to remove and it will be history soon.
Lsat Friday when you were kicking me I saw much improvement and it really didn't hurt that much.
I can see a dinner date soon if you agree.
see ye soon

Lisa Collins said...

Hey Sydney, I have been checking the blog the last two days to see it there was any thing new out here and tonight I opened it up and got the good news of no more leg brace!!! How wonderful it must feel to have it off!!! Praise God for all you progress!!!! Glad to hear the good news!!! Love to you guys!

Donna Gulley said...

Yeah Sydney!!! So glad to hear that you don't have to wear your leg brace. I know you must be very happy. Praise God!! God is so good and He loves you so much!!You are special!!!!

LucisMomma said...

Sydney, you look beautiful! So thankful the leg brace is off. Praying for you and mommy as the Christmas season comes to you.