February 9, 2012

Someone to remember...

As we prepare to celebrate Sydney's 8th birthday, I'm reminded of her birth mother and the sacrifice she made for Sydney. Some people are so quick to jump to conclusions regarding birth mothers..."how could they abandon their child?". Yes, indeed Sydney was "abandoned". Her "finding" date was February 19th, 2004.She was found in the early morning hours of a small, very rural village in Duyun, China. We don't really know Sydney's date of birth, only God and her 1st mother know. I'm sure that she thinks of her often especially on her birthday. It was estimated by "authorities" that she was about 10 days old, thus assigning her a "birth date" of February 9th. Lest you think that her mother was some uncaring soul that just left her baby, think again....Long before I became Sydney's mother, long before any of you who have come to know and love her, long before we loved her, her 1st mother loved her. She sacrificed, she risked everything in "leaving" Sydney. In leaving Sydney she risked her very life so that Sydney would at least have a chance.

Sydney also has a 2nd mother, Mama. Mama was Sydney's foster mother for much of her young life. Sydney was in an orphanage for a few months and was then placed in Mama's loving care until she came home with us. Mama loved Sydney, that was apparent to anyone.  I'm sure that she thinks of her everyday and especially today.

Join me today in not only celebrating Sydney's birthday but in praying for her 1st  and 2nd mothers, wherever they are. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to them and that they would come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

God has had His gracious and Sovereign hand on Sydney all along, give Him praise for that.

In Christ,

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Lisa Collins said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!! Prayers for and you family!!!! It is a blessing just knowing you!