June 7, 2012


1st of all....Sydney is doing great! Loving life without the halo:) She loves our new church and all of her new friends!

She is scheduled for her 1st lengthening June 29th. This will require an overnight hospital stay (maybe 2) but is typically done on an outpatient basis. But since this is the 1st, they schedule it inpatient to see how she responds. Please remember her in your prayers and give thanks for what God has done for her. This time last year she was starting to lose function in her right leg. He's brought her a long way!

In Christ,


Cynthia said...

Awesome! Go Sydney!

Keep us posted! Love you guys!

Lisa Collins said...

Hey Sydney and the gang!
Sounds like you are doing great! JC gives me little reports on you from time to time. Prayers all goes good next week, I am sure it will---God has you on this one! He is right there beside you! Love you little girl!

Sandy Gullett said...

Hi Lindon family. I decided to check on sidney to see if there was any news and sure enough there was. Hope the procedure goes well. With love and Prayers Sandy G.