December 14, 2006

Getting to Know China

We are getting to know China in many different ways. I mean that is why we are here right? So that we can tell Sydney about her homeland if she ever wants to know about it. Today we went to a Buddhist Temple in Sydney's province. It was interesting, but the most interesting thing was the monkeys...they were everywhere! Climbing on top of people (not us thank goodness), but everyone was feeding them and they were wild.

We stopped at a local Calligrapher's, and had a wall hanging made with Sydney's Chinese name and a small poem written in Chinese. Our guide translated it for us, and it will be something that Sydney can keep forever.

After we left there we stopped at Pizza Hut in Guiyang and got four 12inch pizzas. Our guide looked at us funny, because he couldn't believe we ordered that much food. 12inch is a large for them, but we explained 16 to 18inch is large for us. American food...well kinda. The pepperoni tasted a little fishy, but who cares it's still pizza. The Lindon family is very passionate about pizza, in fact we eat it almost everyday at home. Sydney loves it, so that's a big relief. Speaking of food, we are starting to get tired of the hotel food we eat two times a day, but we have too much to be thankful for to be worried about that.

Anyway, the internet is very bad in our hotel, so we haven't been able to keep in touch the way we would like. We are doing the best we can.

See you guys later!!

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