December 18, 2006

White Swan!! Yes!

We finally made it! We are in Guangzhou, which is where we will do our final paperwork and get Sydney's visa to come home. We are very happy to have a change of scenary. Guiyang was nice, but Guangzhou has like fifty McDonalds. Plus the White Swan is by far, the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in before. Gold plated faucets, designer shops, mini bar in the room, internet that works (even if it is $40 extra), and the list goes on... We felt very connected to Guiyang, because that is where Sydney spent her first 3 yrs., but we were ready to move on. One step closer to getting back home.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know we made it...we have a early morning planned so see ya later.

One final pic to make you laugh, from the elevator in the restaurant in Guiyang...

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