August 7, 2008

a change?

After a great follow up appt. a few weeks ago we have spoken with Sydney's Dr. and there has been a slight increase in her tumor. At 1st I was just devestated but Her WONDERFUL Dr. quickly talked me down. According to the MRI there have been no changes but a more indepth study reveals that the extreior portion of the tumor has increased slightly. She also had an xray that revealed scoliosis (we knew this already). Her Genetics Dr. has requested another consult with Ortho. This appt. is scheduled for August 15th. We met with Ortho last year and he made it VERY clear to us that there was NOTHING he could do for Sydney. But here we go again.....Please keep Sydney and our family in your prayers.

Thanks and blessings,


LucisMomma said...

Praying for Sydney, and that the docs would have some good news about that precious girl.

Keri said...

I'm praying for Sydney. Please keep us updated.