February 2, 2011

Long time no speak.......

It's been a LONG time since my last post. 1st off Sydney is doing great! Praise God!We continue to have ups and downs just like anyone, adopted or not. But it seems that I tend to stress more over Syd's because she is adopted. I guess I think it's my fault(sometimes it is), sometimes I think it's just adoption related, and more often than not I just fail to see it as what it is - that is, it's just kid stuff, no different from anyone else.

Sydney is getting ready to celebrate her 7th birthday! I can't believe that she will be 7! She is finishing Kindergarten this year and doing well. We have days that it seems like nothing is clicking and have to sit back and just take a few days off. Usually she comes back and is right on target. And that's where we are now.

After several appts. late last year we had been led to believe that the 1st of a series of surgeries/interventions would likely start soon after the new year. So we wait and wait and finally news..... the 1st plan was to repair her concave chest, to make room for her lungs and spinal cord. This would require a six month recovery time before any spinal  traction or surgery. I guess that's too long to wait for the spine (her curvature is greater than 90 degrees) So anyway we have an appt. for Feb. 8th to discuss/schedule her spinal surgery. I guess were not trying traction 1st???? No details right now, we'll know more after the 8th.

Please continue to keep Syd in your prayers. Our God is much bigger than any of this. His hand has been upon her from the beginning, and I find so much peace knowing that He is in control!

With love and prayers....
In Christ,

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