October 20, 2011

The 1st tooth!

Sydney lost her 1st tooth today! I really hope this doesn't turn into a competition to lose as many teeth as JC.....


JC said...

Sydney I love your shirt, you are so cute in it well you are cute in anything.
As for loosing yesterday it must have made Irene nervous she forgot her purse or maybe she was helping me to our car cause i had lost another game.
As for a contest on loosing teeth, I already won. I lost my teeth many years before the tooth fairy was born. Your school book calls this history
Oh!!!!!! Sydney I remember I don't play well on rainy days I may ask for a rematch (it was raining yesterday)

Lisa Collins said...

Oh Sydney! What an exciting time!!!! I just love the new pictures! And yes I can see the hole where it came out. Also I just love your ponytail! Let me tell you about Erich and his lose tooth last week... it had been loose for seems like WEEKS and it finally got so loose he could stick it straight out and point it toward his nose! It was just hanging on tight at the front. I tried to make him let me pull it but no, so the very next day his teacher pulled it! And you can already see the new tooth coming in. Hope your new one comes back quick, I don't want you to be like JC! Glad you beat him in cards again, I think you are getting to be a professional! Be looking for something in the mail maybe Friday or Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Sydney, that smile is sooo beautiful, even with the tooth gone! I thank God for the progress you have made each and every day. Continue to work hard and before you know it you won't be wearing that halo and you will be walking on your own. I got your coat finished today and I hope it will keep you warm on these cold days that we are having now. Did your pink top work OK? We didn't try it on you. How about the dark blue one did it work also? I hope so. I love you and am still praying for you daily.

Love you,
Ms. Irene