October 12, 2011

Grace abounds!

Sydney has had some MAJOR improvements today! She can do heel/knee lifts on her own. This is huge! Praise God!

In Christ,


JC said...

Praise Him
Thank You
And Sydney thanks for trying so hard you are a CHAMPION in so many ways

Lisa Collins said...

WOW!!! WONDERFUL!!!! That goes to show GOD works BIG and small miracles everyday!!! To GOD be the glory! Sydney, you keep working hard and we all will keep praying for you!!! You are doing good girl! Love ya!
P.S. Tell Cole and Haley the Collins said "Hello"

Anonymous said...

Priase "God"!!! Miracles still do happen through our loving heavenly Father! Sydney you are such an inspiration to all of us. Please keep working hard and we will keep praying for you to continue to get stronger. Soon there will be no Halo to wear and you will be able to walk all by yourself. I love you my little warrior.

Ms. Irene

Pastor Mike said...

What a girl! Sydney you truly are one of a kind. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I borrowed that from God's word. I’m pleased you are doing so well. Love and hugs from Memaw also.