June 22, 2012

A BIG thank you.....

At the aquarium!
to JC & Irene. This week they treated Sydney to lots of fun just for her. Something you don't get much of when you're one of six;) Sydney is truly blessed to have such wonderful people and so are the rest of us:) Thanks again!

In Christ,


J.C. and Irene said...

Sydney is a very special little girl. We love her very much as well as all of her siblings and of course her parents too! You all are a very special family to us and we can't thank "God" enough for bringing you to us to be part of your family.

J.C. and Irene

Lisa Collins said...

Hey Lindon Family!
I will be praying for Sydney tomorrow for all to go well!!! It sure was good to see you all last weekend at Grace! Love and prayers!
Lisa, Paul, Kaley and Erich