August 29, 2011


To those of you that have left comments! Sydney really enjoys them - they make her smile! Thanks again! Last night's flip was tough but this morning's went well - thank God! Sydney is watching PBS kids and has finished her 1st Pediasure of the day. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. God is good..........

Thankful for Christ,


Wendy said...

Hi Sydney! We sure do miss your pretty little smiling face! We love you and are praying for you, we can't wait to see you. Annabelle says "hi" and she has been making some pictures for your room. You are such a brave little girl we are so proud of you.
Wendy and Annabelle

Lisa Collins said...

Hello Sydney and Sandy!!!! I finally figured out how to leave a message, or atleast I think I have this time. Little Sydney I hope this brings a smile to your little face, because I sure do miss seeing that cute little grin!!! All the kids at church last night talked about Sydney. I told Sami and Abbi that when me and Paul first starting going to Grace that you and those girls were real tiny, I think you probaby would have been maybe 3 years old. I can remember the big Easter egg hunt that we had that year at the church and everyone had so many eggs they were about to roll out of their baskets! And all the clown plays!!! The festival last year or maybe the year before I remember you having big green hair I think!!!! I hope this gives you and your mommy a little giggle for the day!!! Love you and prayers going up all the time for you!!!!!!!

Ms. Irene said...

Hi Sydney and Sandy! I miss my little girl and her beautiful smile!!! I am thankful your turning today was much easier for you. I pray for the day that you want have to be in the traction and you will be able to ride your bike again. We love you sooo much my little one and can't wait until you are able to come home! Did you figure out what you wanted for us to bring you the next time we get to visit? You are such a brave little girl and we are so proud of you and know that "Jesus" is right there with you and your mommy.

Love and Prayers
Ms. Irene

Jody Dabrowski said...

Hi Sydney! I'm just catching up with all that is going on. When I met you and your family in China, I knew you were a very brave girl. Your brothers and sisters were all there and I loved that you all were having such fun. And even though you couldn't yet understand what they were saying, I knew soon enough you'd find your place in your loving family. Now look at you, new babies in your house, riding your bike, learning to read all the while God is watching over your precious body and taking care of you each step of the way. I know our God is able to work this out for good, I pray one day you will see that good come full circle.
Jody in Michigan

Donna Gulley said...

Hi Sydney!!You truly are a special little girl. No I mean big girl. I think you are the bravest person in the whole world. You are so blessed to have such a special mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters who love you so much. Guess what even with all that love they give you God loves you so much more. That's kind of hard to imagine, someone loving us more than our parents, but it's true. God is a great big God and he is always with you no matter what. When I think of you Sydney you remind me of the song "This Little Light Of Mine" because you have such a beautiful smile. You make other people smile also. If your brothers and sisters are with you make them sing that song with you. That would be so much fun. Remember Sydney that so many people are praying for you everyday.You are an amazing big girl and God is with you always. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and keep smiling and singing. May God bless you and your wonderful family. Donna Gulley

Cynthia said...

Be strong little one! All the Farley's kiddos send their love! When Syd is ready, let's have a gathering of children!