August 25, 2011

Praise God!

I'm just now getting around to an update but I know that Dad has kept you posted a bit. Sydney is AMAZING! Just another way that God has blessed us. Please know however this is NOT to be taken lightly. Sydney is in traction - her halo is weighted as well as her legs. She is and will be immobile until after her surgery. She is tolerating this beautifully. And we are so very thankful to God. A BIG thank you to mine Shana for Sydney's day of prayer! What a blessing. A new prayer request to add along with Sydney, a little boy named Caleb(13 mo. old), he and his mommy were in an accident, she's been told that he will be paralyzed. Please lift them up in prayer along with Sydney.

With love and gratitude.......

Thankful for Christ,

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