August 26, 2011

A blessed day!

Sydney has had a good day! We were all together again! What a blessing! Daddy,Mommy,Neil,Cole,Haley,Sydney,Lainey Beth, and Noah! We were all packed in the hospital room wih Poppy, JC, and Irene and it was wonderful! It was SO good to be with the rest of the kids and I know Sydney was glad to have them too!She's been eating(drinking) more today, Pediasure and milkshakes. Her attitude continues to be phenomenal and her pain minimal.Please continue to lift her up in prayer. If you're reading this post, please leave a comment for Sydney, I'm sure she would enjoy some encouraging words.

Love and prayers.........

Thankful for Christ,


Pastor Mike said...

I must agree with you Sandy it truly was a blessed day. The more I am with your family the more I see the grace and love of God. Just a predigest observation , but even with the adversity now flooding your lives there seems to be this wonderful peace of God on each of you.. Can you explain how those of us who get to visit Sydney’s hospital room feel as though WE were the ones being ministered to? Or give me a hint to the presence of something in the room that causes one to look around for an unseen guest. I’m sure there is a logical explanation, but for now I choose to believe in the power and presence of something bigger than medicine or men. Sydney; Me- Maw and I are praying for you, but could I ask a big favor of you? Tonight or tomorrow when you are praying would you say a prayer for me? Because I believe you might just have a direct line to God. Love and prayers Pastor Mike & Me-Maw

Ms. Irene said...

What a blessed day we had yesterday with our wonderful little girl! I could feel "God's" presence right in your room. We have an awsome "God" and I know that he has great things in store for you!!! We love you very much and you are an important part of our family and so is the rest of your family. Can't wait for you to be able to come back home with us and we can go shopping and out to eat at your favorite place. Give your mom a hug for us and tell her that she has to give you a "BIG HUG" to you from me. We love you very, very much!!!

Love and prayers
Ms. Irene

JC said...

Yes Sidney you are a special girl to and for me I soooooo much enjoyed our visit with you yesterday and I love you even more.
Today as I was working all I could think of was you and how much fun we will have in Florida seems as if I promised you a trip to Disney World can't wait for our rides and maybe we can eat chicken nuggets okay
I want to visit you again soon but until I come visit I will stay with your brothers and sisters so daddy can be free to do things for you. And I want you to remember I am the professional playing uno attack you may be the only person to beat me

Love you Baby

If you want anything have Mommy to call me me me me

Cynthia said...

Praying for God's healing! And lots of rest for Mom and Dad!

Love you guys!