August 29, 2011


will be on longer than we expected - Syd's surgeon said it would be on at least 48hrs. post-op, maybe longer. Sydney really had her heart set on getting it removed Wednesday(everyone did), she was very tearful when she found out. But Dad and the kids got here just in time and really took her mind off things. Dad was here for the afternoon turning, having him here for that is always a blessing. Overall her turn went well but still traumatic for her. Sydney had A LOT of mail today! Thanks to everyone that has sent a card or gift. Sydney was so excited to open her things today! Please continue to lift her up in prayer, specifically for her surgery on Wednesday(9:00) and in the meantime that her turnings will go as smooth as possible.

In Christ,


cnlindon said...

We're home! We already miss you and Mom. Love you. We had a great visit, even if you're little brother is a terror! We will have to get a bigger van to bring home all of your presents and cards...what a blessing. I will see you tomorrow, Lord willing.


ADC said...

Hi Sandy and Sydney! We are all thinking about you and praying for you! We love you.

Cousins Andrea and Grant

Granny & Granddad said...

Sydney and Sandy,

Hope you have a nice evening. Mommy give Sydney a big mooch from Granny and Granddad.

Granny and Granddad said...

OOPS got our name wrong. Granny is fixing it. Love you Sydney

JC said...

Sydney, today I worked really hard and fast doing my farm work and got it all done. Tomarrow I don't have anything to do except may travel to Georgetown and yes maybe I can find someone to help me practice playing UNO ATTACK.
Remember you beat the professional so I will practice and next time will you let me win PLEASE PLEASE!!
Sidney you are a very special girl who I love very much. I'll be with you Wednesday.

Love ye