August 30, 2011

Another Praise!

Sydney's turning this morning well - actually the best one yet - she didn't even cry! Thank you Lord! Today seems to be a busy day as SO many people are preparing for surgery tomorrow. Today's day of fasting and prayer is the most important prep! So many mercies seem to come our way and we are so very thankful for each one. Remember, God IS in control. He IS the Great I AM.

Thankful for Christ,


Marie said...

Sweet Sydney,
I want to tell you about my two friends who live with me. Their names are Haduken and Mr. Chips. Haduken is seven years old, the same as you, but she is not nearly as sweet and well mannered as you are. She is very grouchy and doesn't like people being around. Mr. Chips is almost two years old and loves having company. He once climbed on top of Carl Cassity's head and sat there. Oh,did I tell you my two friends are cats? More about my two friends later.
Love you much, Marie

JC said...

Sydney we are at you home in Georgetown with your family little Noah in stepping on my toes and Laney Beth trying to ride my back I need your help NOW!!!!!
Cole, Irene and Haley are playing SCRABBE Neil working on the computer the others are asleep that is what I want but in this house it's tooooo noisy no nap today.
Now Cole is looking over my shoulder correcting or at least BOSSY
I love and pray for you

Lisa Collins said...

Hey Sydney,
I am not sure exactly how they turn you, but Mr.JC was talking about how they make you into a sandwich and squeezing you, just think of it as one big hug from all of here at Grace squeezing you and giving you a great big hug all of us at once! Sydney the Collins family LOVES you and sending you hugs!!!! Make Mommy squeeze you for us!