August 30, 2011

Praise God!

Tonight's turning for the most part was uneventful! That being said, Sydney stills gets  somewhat emotional during and after the turns. She seems fine now and is ready for night-night. Please continue to pray for these turnings. She gets turned about every 8hrs. She'll be due again around 8am. In case you haven't heard, today is a day of prayer and fasting for Sydney in light of her surgery tomorrow.

Thankful for Christ,


JC said...

Turning,well Sidney we are also turning it over for God as you are turning over in your bed. It make me laugh thinking of a Sydney sandwich.
Today and tomarrow is my days to pray for you and believe me I can and will, just so you know I have already been in prayer for you.

I love you Sidney

Raquel said...

Good Morning Sydney! You are such a brave little girl. Maybe you could talk to Kurt about being brave. Let me tell you what he did last night. . . He runs in the door breathing hard and says "Big chicken. . .big chicken chase. . .big chicken chase me!" I looked outside and his uncle's rooster had apparently got out of the cage and was after him. Now Sydney can you image that big boy Kurt running from a rooster?? It was a site my darling. The rooster looks like he is wearing a sweater which is funny too, so I told Kurt maybe the rooster thought he was after the sweater. :) I hope that story made you smile. We are praying for you today. Praying for mommy and the family also.

Love and Prayers,
Gary, Raquel and Kurt (chicken runner) HAHA!

Ms. Irene said...

Sydney, I am already in prayer for you. I know that the turning of your bed is not pleasant for you but we are praying that it gets easier everytime the nurses has to do it. Just remember that we love you and are praying daily for you. Fasting and praying today and tomorrow for a special little girl who has stolen our heart. May "God" be with you and your mommy and daddy.

Love you dearly,
Ms. Irene

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Well I don't think I can top Raquel's comment...we did have a dog get loose (shoog), but it was basically uneventful. I haven't even had to chase Noah around the house yet...maybe he's waiting for JC to chase him? We love you and miss you guys. Hopefully Daddy will be there for the next turn or two before your surgery. All of the big kids have chosen to skip at least one meal today for the fast...they love you Syd. Hope to see you soon!


Lisa Collins said...

Good Morning Sydney! I pray your turnings today will go much better. I know that must be a hard thing for you to have to do, but I think you are so brave. You are SUPER GIRL!!! Look how far you have come already! Mommy tells us you are doing great! We are in special prayer for you today and tomorrow and will continue to do so. Wished I could send you some cupcakes through the computer!!!! Love and prayers for you today!!!!