August 28, 2011


to be turned.....watching  Toy  Story 3. Considering that Syd is in Halo traction, she's doing exceptionally well! If you don't know what Halo is - Sydney has a large "halo" literally screwed into her head, she has pins (rods) inserted through her knees. Along with that she has weights on each end of her bed. She can not sit up. She is completely flat. She must be turned every 8 hours that means the entire bed is turned. They make a "sandwich" out of Sydney and then "flip" the beds. When I say that she is doing well, I really mean it. God has been gracious to see her through this difficult time. We are blessed indeed. Please leave some encouraging was so good to sit and read through a few comments, it was really nice for her to hear. Thank you....And for those that have sent gifts and cards, thank you!

Thankful for Christ,


JC said...

HELLO again Sydney we went to church this morning and have ask that everyone send you a message on your blog. Hey, you were the one we talked about and it was ALL GOOD I was too embarresed to tell the how many time you beat me playing uno attack (next time I win) cause I will ptactice
Tomarrow I will work on the farm here mowing and doing what I do best playing with the dog

Love You and will see you soon
mister J.C.

cnlindon said...

Hello Sydney, wish we were there today with you and Mom. If Cole didn't have this old cough we would be there. It sounds like you are having a blessed day anyway...I've never heard so much laughter. Don't drive Mom crazy. We miss you and MOM so much. The kids are tired of MR MOM...fruits of the Spirit right? We are praying for you and thinking of you guys always.


Dad, Neil, Cole, Haley, Lainey, Noah

Shana Hensley said...


I am so glad that you have had a "Grace" day. I wanted you to know that we love you and we are praying for you day and night. Every morning during Bible study with Abbi and Sami we take up prayer request and you are the first person they name.You are very special to us. I will write again soon. May God continue to rain down His blessings upon you.

In Christ,


Ms. Irene said...

Hello my little darling! We love you and are praying for you each day. We hope to come see you again soon. Would you like some more of the Squeenkies or do you think you have enough and want something else? You just tell your mommy and she will let us know what you want and we will see that you get them.
I am going to be sending you some cards in the mail soon so be looking for them!

Love and Prayers
Ms. Irene

Pastor Mike said...

Hey Sydney & Sandy,
It's getting late so I'm not sure you are still awake. Today is Sunday of course Church day the best day of the week. In the service today we sang about Jesus, we had a time of fellowship ;"you know that's when we all go around the room and greet other people and let them know we are glad they are there”; but today was not as happy as some days at Grace Church. Do you know why? Because you and Mommy and Daddy Neal, Cole, Haley, Laniey Beth, and Noah were not there. Now that is not your fault, God has a plan for your family, and right now you need to be there where you are. Still Memaw and I are just a little sad because we don’t get to see your smiling faces as much as we want. We decided today in Church that Tuesday is going to be a special day. Tuesday we are taking an idea from Mrs. Shana and Tuesday is a day of fasting and prayer for Sydney. Doesn’t that have a good sound to it? It’s late even for Poppy so good night sleep tight and remember even when we are sleeping God is still watching over us; even Mommies and Daddies. Love and prayers Pastor Mike & Memaw.