September 15, 2011

2 hours and 25 minutes......

I'm just sayin'........Dad will be here at 12:00! Sydney is at her morning therapy session. And I'm getting ready to take my morning "therapy" walk. We're packed and ready to go. Ready for a "new normal". Sydney's had the giggles since yesterday - she's so excited. I'm so thankful for this day. God brought Sydney safely through a very remarkable and risky surgery - today we are going home! A blessing the hand of God no doubt!

"proclaiming thanksgiving aloud,and telling all your wondrous deeds."
Psalm 26:7

In Christ,


JC said...

Sandy I love the information delivered on this blog. You will visit it many times in the future the most important part you will remember, prayer. Jesus has been with you/us all the way and will continue. Today as you travel home
He is our only source of Power and Hope. Tomarrow and forever He will be the same.
As we wait for you arrival I ponder at you picture remembering how God has blessed each of us and I praise Him for that.
Thank you God

Lisa Collins said...

This just puts a big smile on my face!!!! So happy for the whole family!!! God is good all the time! This is the day the Lord hath made, rejoice and be glad in it!