September 27, 2011

Day one

Sydney's 1st official day of outpatient rehab went very well! Today she worked on getting out of her chair and standing. She also brought home a walker. So later this afternoon we'll work on that. We'll also continue to do therapy here at home in between visits. Her PT gave her much of the same advice that I have been giving her - prayerfully she'll be more motivated to work hard. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

To our wonderful "meal ministry" - thank you! It's been a blessing!

Love and prayers......

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for letting our little Sydney be able to stand and hopefully walk soon on her walker. Sydney you are such a little warrior that God has blessed our lives with. Continue to work hard so you can be up and about. Please eat everything that you can also so you can get stronger. We love you and can't wait to see you again.

Love and Prayers
Ms. Irene

Lisa Collins said...

Okay Sydney, Kaley and Erich says they love you and miss you and glad that they got to see you at the festival. They say to keep on working hard so you can walk with your walker soon! You can do it!!!!
Love and prayers, Kaley, Erich, Lisa and Paul