September 1, 2011


Max and Ruby. Relaxing and just waiting for Daddy and the kids.We have a room at the Ronald McDonald house! So we'll get to be together everyday, what a blessing! She'll be "turning" for the 1st time about 4pm.
Thankful for Christ,


JC said...

Sidney, I have delivered the dogs to Josh and Tammi they will be taking care of the for now.
Tomarrow I can bring Irene to see you (not really) but, I will bring her as an excuse so I can see you and hopeful you will fill good enough to play uno attack again I will beat you bad next time (maybe)
Mommy said you were watching a movie thats okay but I'm thinking DISNEY might be better.
Did anyone tell you what Irene put in my food well I will tell you she put that very hot sauce thinking is was tomato juice it was sooooooo hot I almost ran to the creek for water to cool my mouth. Don't tell I was the one who really wants to see you cause Irene thing she is special and I'm bring her.
Need anything call me not Irene and I can get it for you.

Love and Prayers

Ms. Irene said...

Hi Sidney!
I am so excited to get to come and visit with you again. We love you soooo much. Can't wait until you can come home and we can play games together again, even though you are so much better at playing than I am. Tell mommy to give you a hug for me. Honey I am still praying for a quick recovery and that you will be home soon.

Love and Prayers,
Ms. Irene

Diana said...

Sydney, we are all very proud of you, you are being so brave. We are still praying for you, we love you. We are praying for your whole family and having others pray for you all too. Just remember, God loves you and he is still in control. He has great things for you, precious one!

Shana Hensley said...

Hello Miss Sydney!! I finally figured out how to leave you a comment! We have all been praying for you! Sami and Abbi want me to tell you hello and they hope to come and see you in a few days. I hear you are watching lots of cartoons! That sounds like so much fun! We love you very much and we can't wait to see you soon sweet girl.

Love you lots,

Tyler and Nicole

Pastor Mike said...

Hi Sydney, Memaw and I are so proud of you. You did that surgery thing as though it was nothing. We also know you had some help, we recognize the hand of God in all of this. Something wonderful happened on the day you had Surgery. We have a Climates vine growing in our front yard and it blooms so beautifully each spring. After it bloomed this spring, and the flowers had faded I cut it back to the ground. It began to grow almost immediately, and when we got up Thursday morning after your operation the Climates was in full bloom. I thought to myself that is so much like God to show us through a beautiful flower that out of seemingly imposable odds He can do a miracle. We recognize he did that with you also. I’m glad Dad, Mon and the rest of your family can be there with you. I have something I need you do for me again. I know you are a prayer warrior so continue to pray for Pastor Mike, and one more thing tell the rest of the family hi and I love them so much. Thanks Sydney and remember I love you but God loves you more. Your Brother in Christ Pastor Mike or Poppy!