September 7, 2011


Sydney just got transferred to her Rehab room! Another blessing for sure! Today will be another busy day with therapy. The Zoo will be here today at 2:30 so that will be fun. I've tried to talk Sydney into getting a snake to wrap around the halo but she's just not going for it! Friday we will have a family meeting to discuss therapy plans, progress, and anticipated discharge date. Please pray that Syd continues to improve. We are so very thankful for all that God has done for Sydney. It's also been such a blessing to be at the Ronald McDonald House, it's so good for ALL of us to be together! To God be the glory!

In Christ,


Lisa Collins said...

I am so thankful to hear things are going better and Sydney is moving on to rehab. Have fun with the Zoo today! Continuing in prayer for you all.

Donna Gulley said...

Yeah Sydney!!!!Rehab.. Like Mom says that is definitely a blessing. I bet the Zoo is going to be fun and i agree with you no snakes on the halo. Yuck!! I can't wait to hear what you picked out..just make sure it is not that snake. You are just an amazing little girl. I am glad you had a better day today. Tell Neil, Cole, Haley,Laney and Noah I said hi. I'm glad they get to be with you and Mom and Dad. Every day we say a prayer for you. God is so good and he sure has watched over you every single day. I think that means you are very special and that God loves you very much. I hope you have a good nights rest so you will be ready for the zoo tomorrow. Say hi to your Mommy and Daddy for me, because they are special people also. We love you Sydney & Family!!!

Ms. Irene said...

Yeah Sidney, I know that with this Rehab. it won't be long until our little girl will be walking again what a blessing that is!!! What zoo animal is your favorite? I love to watch the monkies and not J.C. either (even though he acts like one, haha). Can't wait to get to come and see you again. I love you very much. Tell Neil, Cole, Haley, Lainey and Noah I said hello Oh and Mommy and Daddy too! We love them also! Now you be a good girl and drink those milk shakes and whatever else that you like so you can get strong and come home so we can play with all those Pet Shop and Squeenkies toys. J.C. might even have to build us a house to put them in, what do you think?

Love Ya,
Ms. Irene