September 6, 2011

A better day!

A much better day.....Praise the Lord! Sydney has been busy, busy, busy! Lots of work to do........She's been drinking more Pediasure today, only 1 more to go for tonight! They've changed her breathing treatments (she's doing "bubble" therapy). Much, much better! She's been up in the chair several times. We are getting ready to go have dinner together in the family dining room!!!!! They have stopped her IV fluids as long as she continues to drink enough. She's also been off of her oxygen since last night. Blessings abound....pray that she continues to be motivated and continues to improve. Rehab mentioned 2-3 weeks inpatient...pray that it's MUCH sooner.

Thank God for EVERYTHING!

In Christ,


Marie said...

It is so good to hear that things are getting better for you Sydney and of course, when you feel better we all feel better for you. Everyone at Grace is always eager to hear news of you and we continue to pray for you many times each day. We look forward to you getting well enough to come and visit us soon. We miss your beautiful smile.
Love and Many prayer,

Alice Todd said...

Dear Sydney,
Wow, you are such a strong wonderful young lady! I know that God is looking at you with so much love and that He has GREAT plans for you. I've never met you, but you are a blessing to me because you remind me that God is taking care of us all no matter how big or small. Keep up all the good work, I will be looking forward to hearing all about your progress.
In Christ,
Alice Todd (I work with your Daddy)

JC said...

Sidney, so many prayer for your speedy recovery, God is good and at work through you, your family and friends also prayer going up for you from half way around the world. Just this morning three people from Vietnam posted prayers for you.
Glad you are doing better
I may be nervous tonight thinking how soon I will be playing uno with you (I havent practiced very much)
It is raining here today our big dog wants inside, remember how she knocks on the door trying to come inside?
Do you want me to wait for you before making apple butter if so we can make more for you

God loves you and I love you


Lisa Collins said...

Oh wonderful news!!! Praise God for a better day!!! I talked with Pastor Mike about you earlier today. Also the teachers that had the kids to make cards are asking about you as well. Everyone is wondering how little Sydney is doing. Keep up the good work of drinking and eating good, even if you don't want to,that will make you feel so much better. Sydney, I once stayed at the UK hospital for 30 days back about 17 years ago in the burn unit. It was a difficult experience for me as well, but the doctors and nurse are only there to make you feel better even though they are doing sometimes odd things that you may not want to have done. Be brave little girl, just like you have already been! P.S. I am sending some more stuff in the mail tomorrow!!! Love and prayers, I pray each day will be even better than before!!!