September 7, 2011

And the award goes to...........


Unofficially of course. JC will probably call for a recount. Miss Lisa ALWAYS leaves a kind word for Sydney, usually with every post!It means SO much! Thank you, thank you. I think it's a close call between JC and Irene. I REALLY do appreciate all of the comments but most importantly Sydney does:) Now, of course Sydney gets the BIG award for all of her hard work......any prize ideas JC? We've had a tour of the Rehab floor and a visit to the family room. Getting ready to have some lunch and then probably some therapy this afternoon. God is good.....

In Christ,


Lisa Collins said...

God has put me right here I think to be a cheerleader for Sydney!!! So I need to do my job! I must do what Sydney likes and if this is it, I better step up! I keep the blog up at work just so I can se her smiling face sitting in the water hole. Also tell Sydney to say "NO TO THE SNAKES"!!!!!

Raquel said...

Oh my Miss Syd! I'm right there with you girl, NO SNAKES! YUK! I remember at the Creation Museum when they tried to pass an alligator over to me to hold! Now Sydney, I don't care if it was a small one and if they did have tape around its mouth, there was NO WAY I was holding it. It kept looking at me too like it was saying, "go ahead hold me and I'll snap your nose off". Someone else can pet the reptiles. :) I hope you really enjoyed the zoo being there. That sounds like a lot of fun and hopefully they brought cute, fluffy animals. Keep up all your hard work so you can come home soon. As always, you are in our prayers. Love you, Gary, Raquel and Kurt who by the way was also afraid to hold the alligator :)

JC said...

Sydney your mother didn't give me credit, like she didn't know I was a big monkey and I don't bite I may crawl around on the floor but that was only so I could see and talk to you. Glad you are filling better so you can give me a tour, this way I can't get lost.
And for the snakes I will watch standing in the back seat ready to run.

Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

So glad you are doing better:) dad keeps us informed daily!!! I'm ready to play more UNO with you anytime you are ready!! Keep continuing to heal and feel better, I know some old man that misses his playmate. My prayers and hugs are with you,
Love you all like family,
Jaime and Michael (jc's daughter)

Ms. Irene said...

Hi Sidney,
I hear you had zoo visitors. What did you get to see? I also understand that they wanted to put a snake on your Halo, is that true? I hope that you didn't let them because I am afraid of snakes, how about you? Did they bring other animals? I think you deserve an award for being sooo brave.What kind of an award would you like? I hear that you have been drinking more and that you even got to go for a ride in your wheelchair! That is awesome!!! I am so proud of you and love you sooo much. I am praying daily for you to continue to get better.

Love ya,
Ms. Irene

JC said...

Oh momma I'm glad to report to you I do have an idea for the championship BUT, it will require something from Sydney more hard work even when Syd does't want to.
Okay I will tell you and you may pass this information to Sydney for all her hard work and being the true champion Irene and I want to take Sydney to Disney World as soon as you can travel.
Sydney is this something you would like to do?????????
I was the professional before I met your little girl
Love and Prayers for my friends

Anonymous said...

I thank God for you and your family,we keep prayin for you Sidney as God continues to use you for His Glory.Enjoy being a child of the KING!

Mick and family

Wendy said...

HI SYDNEY!!! Annabelle said she would LOVE to hold the snake!! I'm okay as long as there isn't a mouse! We miss you, we hope to come see you soon.
Wendy and Annabelle