September 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

We are home - and oh how sweet it is!!!!!!! Sydney was greeted by a huge "Welcome Home" sign in the front yard! Thank you!!!!!!! I just can't express how good it is to be here with ALL of my family! Sydney's in the living room sitting in her sweet new bed! She's glad to be here too! We continue to stand in awe of everything that God has done! We are so very thankful. A big thank you to everyone for all of the prayers, kind comments, cards, gifts, phone calls, money.....everything! I might not post for a while as we're all excited to be back together. We're looking forward to some quiet times know, there's only 8 of us:) So don't worry if we don't call or update the blog for a while. We might take a little break for a few days. Syd starts therapy PT and OT on Monday.  I'll let you know how that goes.With much love and prayers......

Oh! I almost forgot....Syd's beat JC at UNO Attack at least twice since she's been home;)

To God be the Glory!
In Christ,


Donna Gulley said...

Sydney..Sooo glad you and Mommy are home. I am very happy for you and your family ,everyone is together again. How special!! Enjoy your few days before you begin therapy. Have lots of fun with your brothers and sisters. I knew you were going to beat JC at uno you are just to good. Tell him to keep trying, maybe someday he will win.

Marie said...

Way to go Sydney!! Anytime you need a little help beating J.C. everyone will help you, if necessary we can hold him so he can't move, but doesn't sound like you need any help at all. I am so excited for you and your mommy to be home. You will really start improving and feeling better fast now. Love you much,

Lisa Collins said...

So happy you made it home so quick Sydney!!! And so glad you beat JC already at UNO!!!
Prayers still going up for you little girl!!!! Much Love!

JC said...

So long pilgrams thats what John Wayne said when he wanted to hid.
Guess I will go into hiding after Sydney beat me toooooo many times today.
Sandy take a long deserved rest at posting on the blog, this way people won't know if I try to win again cause I'm afraid I'll loose again and again and again..........

I can't believe you told everyone that I was beaten by a seven year old girl

Now I go hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy and Sydney I am so glad that you are home and all of the family are together again. We praise God for Sydney coming through her surgery and being able to be back with her family. We will still pray for her as she goes to therapy and I know that just being home will help her with therapy. I watched her little face yesterday as she played with Haley and of course J.C. those little eyes had a sparkle that was just amazing! Thank you Lord for that!!! We love you Sydney and are still praying daily for you.

Love you very much,
Ms. Irene

Sandy Gullett said...

Sandy, I am so glad that your home. Take a well deserved rest.My heart jumps with joy at what God has done for your family. We miss and love all of you. Still praying for all of you. Love Sandy Gullett