September 1, 2011

Praise The Lord!

Sydney is doing fabulous! By the grace of God! I won't go into too many details as I know Dad and Pastor Mike have been keeping everyone updated. But for those that are keeping up with the blog.....Surgery went well!! Both surgeons were pleased with  the outcome yesterday. Sydney is awake and responding beautifully. Her right leg is slowly waking up:) She is resting as comfortable as one can while in halo traction and waiting for her breathing tube to be removed. After that they'll let her rest for a while before her 1st post op "turn". Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers. Sydney's post op x rays are amazing! Maybe someday we'll share some before and after pics.
With love and prayers.

Praising God........

Thankful for Christ,

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Lisa Collins said...

So Thankful it went well, Praise God!!! Tell Little Sydney I had her picture of her smiling face pulled up on my second computer screen all day yesterday and was praying for her often. And still will for that matter!