September 9, 2011

Family meeting......

coming up soon. We are all SO ready to go home. Pray that this meeting will go well. We're hoping that we can get some in home therapy scheduled or even outpatient therapy arranged soon but we have to see what they recommend today. Pray for us........I'll let you know later this afternoon.

In Christ,


Cynthia said...

Praying!! Sounds like Syd is doing amazingly well! So grateful for that!

Give her our love and when she is settled in at home, let us know...we'll come over for a visit! Y'all need to meet ALL the Farleys!

Love you!

Lisa Collins said...

Prayers going up for Sydney!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hi there :)
I am friends with Donna Gulley and she told me about your blog. I haven't had a chance to read all your posts yet, but enough to realize you all are going through a lot! Just wanted you to know I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers. I am a fellow blogger too, but my blog is on DIY's for your home, decorating, refurbishing, recipes and some family stuff on occasion. :) I homeschool too..I have a 10 year old son, with two more boys that have already graduated. We started the Gym and Swim at the gtown pavillion was fun and hot! lol
Praying all continues to go well for Sydney and the rest of your family and that you get to go home soon. :)

Donna Gulley said...

Praying and expecting to hear good news today!!So glad Sydney is doing well. She is such an amazing little girl who has touched a lot of people. I definitely am voting for you Sandy as "Mother Of The Year." No Chad we won't leave you out you are "Dad Of The Year". You are a wonderful family and a great inspiriation for us all. We Love You!!! Psalm 20:4

JC said...

Sydney I came into our house for a drink of water now I must return outside to work so I will tell you later what a wonderful day I have enjoyed.
As I work outide I still think of Sydneys smiling faces.

Love and prayers little Syd.

Sandy Gullett said...

Hi Sidney, this is Sandy Gullett. You may not remember me from church, you never would talk to me but you always had a big beautiful smile for me.I bet you are ready to go home,and you will soon.We are all praying for you and your family.hope you liked the animals. If JC had been there he could have been one of the monkeys.Ha Ha.just kidding ,we all love JC and Irene.Tell your brothers and sisters hello for me.Love You