September 5, 2011

A rough day......

Sydney had a lot of visitors today! Always a blessing.....she was also able to take a ride in the wheelchair for a few minutes. One of the main concerns for Sydney at this point is getting her to eat. So, we've been pushing the Pediasure all day. Really anything that she wants but she has no appetite.The "brace guy" came in to adjust her halo which was kind of scary and uncomfortable. She's still on oxygen as well and needed a breathing treatment today (pretty traumatic for her), as soon as that was finished guessed it.....she threw up. Where did it go? Under the vest of course...... in case you're wondering, the vest can't be removed. She's still waiting to see Physical Therapy later today. Prayerfully after a few more breathing treatments she can be weaned from her oxygen. She's starting to struggle with depression as well (so it seems), I can see why. Please pray that these issues will resolve and that she becomes more motivated. She has a lot of work to do. She really hasn't started the hard part yet.......Please continue to lift her up in prayer as well as everyone that is trying to help her. A rough day - yes - but we continue to praise God for all that He has already done and will continue to do!

"Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!"
Psalm 95:2

In Christ,


Lisa Collins said...

Hey Sandy, Tell Miss Sydney we are praying for her and she also has a cheerleading team down here in Kentucky. I ordered some pictures the other day and it had last years Sorghum church pictures and there was Sydney with her big clown hair. I will send some of the pics out to her as soon as I can get them back. Prayers for you, Sandy, and the family. Love, Lisa

JC said...

Sydney I don't have much to say tonight except that I ask a very special prayer for you all evening. I want you to be well againg so we can play, shop, make apple butter and do the thing we both enjoyed so much so I pray alot for you. But, I need you to eat and drink all you can.
Oh, remember the little bird house you help me build? It looks like a little church house and reminds me each time I walk near it PRAY FOR THE LITTLE GIRL WHO BUILDS MANY CHURCHES FOR GOD

Love and Prayers

Ms. Irene said...

Sidney, I am praying for you daily. Eat and drink as much as you can sweetheart so you can get strong. I know it must be frightening all of the things the doctors and nurses are doing to you, but,remember they are only doing these things to make you better so you can come home. I love you very much and want you to come home soon so you, J.C. and I can go out to eat and do more shopping. Also maybe we can play more Uno Attack (You will be the champ of course not J.C.). We are praying right now that Jesus will let you be able to eat and drink plenty so you can be strong again.

Love and Prayers
Ms. Irene