September 19, 2011


Our 1st day at Cardinal Hill! Sydney had lengthy evaluations/therapy from PT and OT today. We don't have a schedule yet. We hope to hear something in a few days. The therapists will make their recommendations and then we'll be set up with our appt. schedule. In the meantime we have a rehab workbook filled with exercises for home! I'm sure she'll be glad to get back to Cardinal Hill after a few days with Mom;) Sydney has her 1st follow up appt. scheduled for this Thursday. She'll have xrays 1st and then meet with her Ortho and Neuro surgeons. I'm hoping they can give us an estimated time frame for the halo vest. Previously we've been told on average 3-6months but up to 1 year. So you know me...I'm praying for 8 weeks:)  Please pray specifically that Sydney will regain use of her right leg, as of now there is  minimal (barely noticeable) movement and pray also that she will ask for help when she needs it. This was something she struggled with prior to having any complications so now it's VERY important that she tells us what she needs. This will be hard for Sydney.

It's been such a blessing to be very thankful!

Keep praising God!

In Christ,


JC said...

Sandy,thanks for your silance concerning todays UNO ATTACK games today, for Sidney it was PT for me just very hard work.
Pleas ask your daughter WHEN CAN I WIN!!!!!!!!
Work hard Sidney at PT and OT also you need to talk more but no bragging please.
Call me tomarrow
Love and Prayers foryou

Lisa Collins said...

Hey Sydney, Sandy and Gang!
That Mr. JC has beat me to posting again, but atleast Sydney is beating him at UNO and pretty good at that, it sounds like. Keep it up Sydney, make him go home crying! Now, Sydney I am so thankful you got to come home so quickly, but you still have a big job to do. Think of going to therapy as going to a VERY important job that you have to work on. One more thing, act like a princess and tell your helpers what you need. It is okay if you can't do things for yourself right now, but soon you will be able too, just ask for the helpers to help you out and I am sure they gladly will. I pray you will not have to wear your halo vest for long and that you will get stronger each and every day. Love and prayers for you all!